What is an Evolving Network?

In short, its the only internet connection you will ever need!  Only an TEI-C internet connection is constantly flexing, scaling to meet your changing needs and to take advantage of the lastest superfast internet connections.

An TEI-C connection gives you an unlimited internet connection that seamlessly integrates the latest technologies as soon as they become available, ensuring your business always remains at the cutting edge of connectivity.

Our Bonded Internet connections are future-proof, reliable, and prioritise your critical data.

Delivering Superfast Connectivity Throughout the UK

The communications landscape is constantly evolving. A resilient, bonded internet connection from TEI-C means that you will never get left behind. We supply our customers with the fastest, most resilient connectivity solutions available, wherever the business is located.

TEI-C have a private UK wide network that interconnects with all major carriers, allowing us to provide full range of circuit technologies to any location in the UK. These tails are bonded via our cutting edge technology to deliver resilient, high capacity and very cost effective links to our customers.

Our bonded ADSL and resilient internet connectivity solutions are delivered uncontended, fully managed and are scalable to meet the evolving needs of businesses.

And when the tail technology available changes – the roll out of FTTC for example – your bonded ADSL connection will be upgraded free of charge, enabling you to always have the fastest and most cost effective solution possible.

With compression you’ll get more bandwidth than you buy, and with Quality of Service, your bonded internet connection can realise true business savings by eliminating dedicated VoIP lines and allowing you to push services into the cloud.

Bonded ADSL and bonded internet solutions from TEI-C – the only internet connection you will ever need.

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