Incredible Support – Proactive, Experienced and Friendly

At TEI-C we pride ourselves on developing long term relationships with our customers. We understand that to be able to deliver Incredible Support, several things need to happen; the service needs to work, and when there are problems, they need to be sorted – and fast.

Incredible Support from TEI-C goes one step further than this. We proactively monitor and health check each connection on our network multiple times each day.

This unprecedented level of visibility is delivered by our in-house monitoring platform, eView Live.

eView Live is always monitoring your TEI-C internet connection, not just checking status, but ensuring that performance is always optimised. Any dip from benchmarked levels, even if they are not service affecting, is flagged up immediately to our Technical Teams.

Working this way eliminates the vast majority of broadband and software faults before they manifest themselves in a line drop

By constantly working behind the scenes to ensure the performance of every ADSL, EFM, FTTC & Ethernet production on our network, out customers benefit from consistent excellence, ensuring that your bonded ADSL service is always operating to optimum levels.

It doesn’t happen often, but when you do need to speak to someone, we have the most highly trained and experienced bonded ADSL technical support team in the industry.

We recruit the best, we equip them with the most advanced monitoring platform and diagnostic tools available. More network support services.

Our trusted partners Square Repair fix mobile devices in 30 mins

If you’re having problems with your smart phone or tablet, Square Repair offer a same day repair service. They specialise in Apple products including all iPad models and iPhone battery replacement services guaranteed for six months – click here.

This is the technical support you’ve always wanted, contact TEI-C today and ask us about Incredible Support or call today.

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