Change your prices with Bandwidth Flex

Fix your Price – Flex your Bandwidth

TEI-C will Fix your Price for Bonded ADSL connectivity with a commitment to keep your business connected at the highest possible data rates.

In a business climate that seems to have been “uncertain” for far too long, how do you balance ensuring your business has access to the latest technology, against certainty over your cost base?

When it comes to internet connectivity, TEI-C are the answer. Our bonded ADSL solutions Evolve to ensure you have access to the most advanced technologies possible, and they do so with a fixed cost.

Free Bonded ADSL Upgrades from TEI-C

Cloud based applications are reality. Customers expect to be able to connect with suppliers, to share large files quickly, to collaborate on projects. And this is happening today. Don’t delay the implementation of a resilient, high capacity bonded ADSL solution. Your business needs it now.

An TEI-C bonded internet connection will ensure that you are at the cutting edge now, tomorrow and in three years time. By constantly evolving to incorporate the fasted possible connectivity you stay at the cutting edge of internet connectivity. Resilient, evolving connectivity with a fixed price – that’s one headache removed!

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