Bonded Infinity – Bonded Fibre Broadband

BT’s Infinity service is available now in a huge number of locations UK wide. Our network is hooked up to all of the enabled local cabinets so that you can receive a bonded infinity connection as soon as it’s available in your street.

Infinity is BT’s FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) product. By upgrading the telephone exchanges and local green cabinet with the latest fibre optic connections, BT Openreach have greatly reduced the amount of copper wiring, giving massive increases in both download and upload.

Can I Get A Bonded Infinity Connection?

It’s all dependant on BT Openreach’s national roll out plan. If you ring or email us, we can check the database and find out whether you can already get Infinity or the likely date of the upgrade.

Bonded Infinity Supplied with QoS for VoIP & Time Critical Data

Bonded Infinity from TEI-C is not just about massive throughput speeds, it’s about intelligently prioritising your data over the connection.

Time sensitive data such as VoIP and remote desktop sessions are prioritised through each bonded Infinity solution supplied by TEI-C .

The smooth running of such applications is not just about the capacity of your internet connection, it is also about the quality of your bandwidth. By deploying bonded Infinity services through a private network, and prioritising your mission critical data with true QoS, an exceptionally high quality internet link is delivered.

Future Proof Your Internet Connection

If it’s not available yet, you can still take advantage of our future proof bonded ADSL internet connections. By installing a bonded ADSL connection you are ensuring that as soon as Infinity becomes available you will get an upgrade free of charge!

Your connection will then be bonded with both Infinity and ADSL 2+, meaning enhanced resilience through the use of multiple circuits. The entire Infinity infrastructure could go down, but you would still have your internet connection on the same IP range through the use of the remaining ADSL2+ lines.

Flexible Upgrades

If you need to, you can upgrade the bandwidth of your bonded Infinity connection by adding further Infinity or ADSL 2+ circuits. You can base this decision on hard facts from eView live our monitoring platform, to make sure you have the most cost effective bonded internet connection and don’t make costly mistakes upgrading unnecessarily.

All upgrades plug into the back of your fully managed bonded internet gateway, so you won’t have to change your IP range when adding further circuits, just plug them in and see the speed increase.

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