Bonded ADSL Business Internet Connections

Bonded ADSL solutions from TEI-C deliver the bandwidth, reliability and visibility needed by the most demanding UK businesses.

Our private, contention free network enhances the security and speed of every bonded ADSL solution, and our eView Live platform delivers full transparency, unique to TEI-C .

All of our bonded ADSL connections come with the following features as standard:

  • Full proactive management
  • Contention free, carrier diverse private network
  • Full Quality of Service (QoS)
  • No usage caps or throttling
  • eView Live, our advanced monitoring system
  • High Availability bonding infrastructure
  • 99.9% SLA
  • Easy Install
  • Proactive technical support from UK engineers
  • Bond any type of ADSL or superfast broadband

This is bonded ADSL the way it should be, only from TEI-C .

Find out more about how your business could benefit from TEI-C Bonded ADSL solutions,
call to speak to a bonded ADSL expert.

True QoS and Compression over Bonded ADSL

TEI-C are the only ISP to offer true Quality of Service (QoS) over any connection.
With advanced hardware and improve algorithms built into our bonding platform, we are able to implement QoS over our bonded ADSL connections to avoid queuing and packet loss.

  • Traffic Prioritisation
  • Efficient Use of Bandwidth
  • Reduced Packet Loss
  • Improved VoIP Quality
  • Enhanced User Experience

So whether your business wants to prioritise voice, remote desktop or video streaming traffic we can seamlessly add QoS to your connection. The best part of it all – our kit does all the hard work so you don’t have to.
TEI-C can also offer compression over bonded ADSL connections so your business can get the most out of the bandwidth available.

Both QoS and Compression are run through our own private network, that means no fighting for bandwidth with other network providers. So with all that squeezing and prioritisation, your bonded ADSL connection will still be as resilient as ever.

Bonded ADSL and our Advanced Monitoring Platform: eView Live

With TEI-C as your bonded ADSL provider you get access to eView Live, our monitoring and diagnostics platform, delivering real-time throughput, historical usage data and SLA performance monitoring.

  • Live Throughput
  • Line Status
  • ADSL Sync
  • Line Quality
  • Usage by hour

Only eView Live from TEI-C gives you full situational awareness of your bonded ADSL link. No other bonded ADSL provider can demonstrate this level of transparency and control.

From external datacentres and internal servers, eView Live continuously monitors our network, gathering and processing data.

eView Live also performs network management and automated diagnostics, ensuring that line problems are identified before you notice them, and fixed automatically.

See a live example of a bonded ADSL connection before you buy by booking your free demo now. We will demonstrate our full range of bonded ADSL solutions through a quick online tour of eView Live.

Fast and Resilient Private Network

Bonded ADSL solutions from TEI-C have been developed to offer massive throughput and high levels of reliability to businesses that depend on their connectivity.

Bond Any Combination

  • BT and LLU ADSL offerings
  • 20CN and 21CN
  • Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)
  • Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM)

Our network has been built to aggregate superfast connectivity and deliver bonded ADSL with carrier and datacentre resilience.

We peer with multiple gigabit Ethernet providers across our redundant hosting centres and connect to our carriers across multiple points of presence giving you speed, reliability and peace of mind.

All this adds up to contention free, reliable and fast bonded ADSL for a fraction of the cost of a leased line with no performance compromises.

Enterprise Grade Bonded ADSL

TEI-C specialise in delivering industrial strength bonded ADSL solutions into demanding environments.

Bonded ADSL Optimised

  • VoIP
  • Video Conferencing
  • Mission Critical Applications

TEI-C are suppliers of bonded ADSL to Europe’s largest manufacturing company, the UKs largest defence company and supplier of bonded ADSL to the world’s largest independent IT company.

They all chose TEI-C because we can provide stable, secure and superior bonded ADSL connections backed up with the complete transparency and advanced diagnostic management of eView Live.

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