Wireless Cameras

Install CCTV at Home

Wireless CCTV cameras for use with recording Video & Audio security footage

Easy to install excellent value with prices starting from under £100 for a wireless CCTV recording and monitoring all types of places and are Ideal for monitoring offices, garages, houses really any type of premises from small workshops to large corperate property’s that need protecting during the day or night time. These systems can be set up for monitoring/recording on a motion detect for after hours monitoring or Continuous recording for the working day. It is a myth that you would require expensive security surveillance equipment and subject to your requirements installation costs would be minimal and  there would be no need for unsightly wires to be seen or laid .

Your selection of wireless cameras has various options from Indoor or Out Door with night vision and even audio can be added. Wireless video cameras can be used to view or record your property and prevent any unwanted vandalism or theft and in the event of your property being stolen you can just view the footage, Wireless colour CCTV camera can connect to small receivers which can be connected to your monitor to view the live images at the same time whilst recording.

Please note that the current range of wireless cameras operate on the 2.4 GHz frequency and can transmit video/audio over 200 metres in a straight line of sight or up to 50 metres through most obstacles.

The Receiver

The Receiver plugs into your monitor we offer a wide range of wireless and wired cameras for domestic or professional use. Wireless cameras can be used for the monitoring of property, catching vandals monitoring thieves.  Wireless CCTV video cameras are also extremely popular with security firms wanting to monitor activity outside with small or miniature wireless cameras most of our wireless cameras  can be used outside and hidden in bushes up trees or disguised  to conceal there where about.  The wireless cameras are light and use very little power so can power using a standard 9 volt battery. Night vision cameras will use more power than a standard camera and will become visible as the LEDs light up to give a good black & white image.

Wireless camerascan be mounted in all places but remember that they only have a limited transmitting range of 100 metres to 200 metres. For an element of fun wireless cameras are often used on remote controll cars or on track day events to record you lap times plus you racing line.


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